The Wire 2035

A little something different today, not only the usual 90 minutes fumbling around with brushes ;). I have been reading up on the impact of AI on jobs in the future and also had a re-run of The Wire lately as background chatter while working. That crossed over at some point and I played a little head experiment, what a show like The Wire could look like at around 2030 or 2040. Sure AI and robotics will have made a big jump by then, but would a run down police force like the portrayed Baltimore PD be even able to afford that? Expensive patrol robots vandalized on a regular basis? Cameras on every corner and high end crime prediction AIs racking up server time in the millions? Probably not. I would guess that they would probably have a centralized core system for coordination and data processing but beyond that it would still be meat bags, doing the groundwork.
As always, constructive criticism is very welcome :)
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