Grimm Odds - Esperance

Design for a manned interstellar exploratory vessel, sent on a 6 year flight to Alpha Centauri. The design premise was a certain degree of scientific believability so a lot of thought went into the internal and external structure and the phases of a voyage of this kind.
Also this undamaged version of the ship provided the base for all destroyed parts and pieces later in the game after the expedition shipwrecked on an alien planet.

Francis goeltner grimmodds vehicles esperance01 plainsig s

Grimm Odds - Esperance - Final design

Francis goeltner grimmodds vehicles spaceship sketch01 m

Grimm Odds - Esperance - Shape finding silhouette sketches

Francis goeltner 05 scattered vehicle spaceship hawkingrenders01 aug 2014 francisgoeltner

Grimm Odds - Esperance - Initial ZBrush sketch