XPrize AI Challenge 2017

In the XPrize AI Challenge teams of engineers and artists came together to visualize different ideas of how artificial intelligence could enrich our lives in the future and bring benefits to human society.
This concept was for how AI could utilize otherwise hard to harness vertical city spaces to do farming and battle world hunger. It came in at the 3rd place in the challenge overall.
The drawing style was chosen by my supervisor from MIT and Imaginarium of Technology, but still made use of 3D as a basis.

Francis goeltner 21 imt xprize francisgoeltner endinghunger01 m

XPrize Challenge 2017 - AI-controlled Farming

Francis goeltner 22 imt xprize francisgoeltner endinghunger02 m

XPrize Challenge 2017 - AI-controlled Farming 02