The Galata Curier

Character concept for a little side project, created around the idea of isolating near future Istanbul due to political controversy with the European Union. A scenario similar to post world war 2 Berlin arises, with huge numbers of refugees crammed into the old city, creating whole quarters of vertically added slums on top of existing buildings.
A character design was needed to make use of the increased verticality of the setting, so I created Çekrige (Turkish for grasshopper), a cybernetically enhanced war-veteran, who works as a very agile courier of sorts by utilizing his specialized legs and a drone.
Below the final concept, a gif gives a little glimpse of the process steps involved.

Francis goeltner galatahop character final02

Çekrige - The Galata Curier

Francis goeltner galatahop character processgif

Process 01

Francis goeltner galatahop character wip02 m

Process 02

Francis goeltner galatahop character01final m

Process 03

Francis goeltner galatahop character final02 m

Process 04