Robotics & AI Physics: Robo-Newton

A small project for a research group at the University of California (UCLA) to design a cover illustration on the topic of robots that learn physics, utilizing the power of artificial intelligence.
Very aptly put into a metaphor that is widely accessible due to the famous tale of Sir Isaac Newton having a Heureka moment under an apple tree, I designed a robot to put in the place of the esteemed father of modern physics and set up a little scene around him.
Design-wise the guiding principle for me was to keep the robot in a believable kind of Boston Dynamics look, without him drawing too much attention due to extremely high tech detail.
I would have liked to explore the topic a bit further, but unfortunately, the timeframe was too short on this otherwise fun little project.

Francis goeltner robotics ai pyhsics white m sig

Final illustration

Francis goeltner robotics ai pyhsics bluegreen fx s sig

Color variation

Francis goeltner robotics ai pyhsics 01 wip11 fullblur fullsun fullsunflare appleflare halfres s sig

Earlier version

Francis goeltner headvariations01 m sig

Exploratory sketches of head designs

Francis goeltner bodyvariations01 m sig

Sketches of body designs