Sketches, Studies & Scribbles

I try to produce something that I can learn and grow from as often as I can. That could be a photo abstraction, a digital plein air piece, an attempt at a speed painting or a study of an another artist, who's work I find inspiring. In case that sort of thing turns out at least presentable, I decided to bring that in here to create a regular update on this page. I hope over time to see a trend for the better ;)

Francis goeltner dp 0275

Technique: Junkbot 06
A new junkbot based on the palette of a previous photo study.

Francis goeltner dp 0232

Study: Jamie Jones 01
My study streak is not breaking off any time soon it seems and at one point or another my subject had to be the one and only Jamie Jones. Looking forward to doing more of those since there is so much to learn.

Francis goeltner dp 0181

Scene: March with Mech Support

Francis goeltner dp 0261

Study: John Park Study 02
A quick study of John Park’s amazing painting with a column of knights riding through a forest with quite magical light mood. Check it out when you got the chance, it is so full of layers and layers!

Francis goeltner dp 0260

Photo Study: Red Rusts Faster
The decay and decomposition of such a beautiful man-made thing is always interesting as well as a bit sad. Somehow peaceful as well. These days I have try an intact car as well, I think...

Francis goeltner dp 0259

Photo Study: Hoo Hoo Hoo
Just a cool ship I found on the internet. Liked the color and the pre-thunderstorm mood, so why not?
As always, constructive criticism is very welcome :)

Francis goeltner dp 0258 1

Technique Test: Amphibious Steamtanks
Last Saturday morning was just perfect for another stab at my paintifying technique. This one leaned on the recent photo study ‘Flotilla’.

Francis goeltner dp 0257

Photo Study: Flotilla

Francis goeltner dp 0256 3

Technique Test: Fjord Skirmish (updated version)

Francis goeltner dp 0255

Photo Study: Ship & Fjord

Francis goeltner dp 0253

Photo Study: Bounce Light House

Francis goeltner dp 0251

Photo Study: Winter Sun Warship

Francis goeltner dp 0247

Photo Study: House in Morning Sun

Francis goeltner dp 0236

Abstraction Study: Amour

Francis goeltner dp 0243

Paint Sketch: Junk Bot 04

Francis goeltner dp 0233 0

Abstraction Study: Desert Car Wreck

Francis goeltner dp 0233

Abstraction Study: Desert Car Wreck plus Extra

Francis goeltner dp 0228

Paintstudy Martin Deschambault

Francis goeltner dp 0239br

Paint Sketch: Favela Robot Street Carnival

Francis goeltner dp 0234

Paint Sketch: Junk Bot 02

Francis goeltner dp 0231

Abstraction Study: Lift Off

Francis goeltner dp 0229

Abstraction Study

Francis goeltner dp 0227

Study: John Park
Quick color study and exploratory fooling around with some more painterly brushes. Subject matter this time around was a piece by the great John Park, a true master of the digital arts. Color, composition, brush economy - he has it all!

Francis goeltner dp 0172 0227m

Study: Simon Stalenhag