Military video game scenario, inspired by Tom Clancy novels like 'Threat Vector'.

China's economy has collapsed and an US strike force tries to eliminate the threat of rogue cyber-warfare operatives around Hong Kong without starting a major war. These operations are connected to a globe spanning number of tactical hot spots.

All artwork in this section has been created entirely by myself.

Refueling // Military / US Forces / Vehicles / Jets & Drones / Inflight Refueling

Extended combat air patrol of the combined UN/US anti-cyber-terrorism intervention fleet ...  An F-35 and a couple of X-47B/A drones are refueled inflight for prolonged duty ...

The Submarine // Military / US Forces / Naval Vessels / Helicopter Carrier / Submarine / Navy SEALS

During a tropical rain storm over the allied fleet in the South China Sea, two SEAL teams get ready for an operation ... They transit in fast landing boats from the well deck of the USS Bonhomme Richard to the Virginia Class attack submarine USS New Hampshire ... The submarine is equipped with topside dry deck shelters from which the SEALs will insert into operational territory submerged by use of two SDVs (SEAL Delivery Vehicles) ...

SEAL Insert // Military / US Forces / Tactical Deployment / Navy SEALS / Roofs of Hong Kong

Communist China’s economic bubble has burst. Hong Kong is partly flooded, the Venice of Asia. Decommissioned due to budget cuts, China's cyber-warfare specialists turn rogue and commit net-terrorism for the highest bidder. A specialized team of Navy SEALs is inserted from a carrier in international waters into a residential Hong Kong area to eliminate a cyber-terrorist cell.

Amphib Op // Military / Chinese Forces / Amphibian Vehicles / Tanks / Streets of Hong Kong

Alerted to the reports of US black ops in downtown Hong Kong, the People’s Liberation Army reacts ....  A column of amphibious ZDB-2000 light tanks searches the area’s smaller slummed canal-streets, while a ZUBR LCAC Hovercraft patrols a former downtown highway ...

Plateau Du Bure // Military / Private Military Contractor / Tracked JLTV / Satellite Uplink Station 

To gain illegal access to satellites, a ground assault detachment of a private military contractor has occupied a strictly civilian research antenna array in the French alps... While the technicians temper with the systems, modified BAE Valanx JLTVs equipped with CROWS turrets and Avenger SAM launchers patrol the plateau as well as operators on foot...

Check Point // Military / Republic of the Congo / Resources / Outpost

Under the scorching afternoon sun of central Africa a couple of border guards are seeing to uneventful duty near a ramshackle village occupying a decommissioned opencast mining site… The settlement serves as hideout for rogue elements and is about to be hit by a covert strike force...