Miscellaneous Concepts

The Siege // Fantasy / Medieval / Environment / Design 

Exposition shot for the siege that has lend the piece it's working title. The castle and the town about to be besieged in the first rays of sunlight after a serious thunderstorm. Focus of this piece was the design of the castle and how it integrates with the supporting town.

All artwork in this section has been created entirely by myself.



Hypothermia - The First Gear Grinders // Alternate History / London / Ice Age / Environment

Returning to one of my old projects for an environment piece about light and architecture. 

In this alternate history scenario, set around 1900, industrial age Europe is hit by an ice age. 

In earlier work, I have explored, how the scenario has evolved in London over 5 years of bitter winter, how people have survived and what factions have formed. This piece is a kind of an origin story moment for the religious fanatics, that would become known as “Gear Grinders” for their hatred of technology. 

Depicted is the moment, in which the self declared new Bishop of London, meets a crowd of people seeking shelter from the force of the ice age’s storms in St.Paul’s Cathedral. The grand building has lost it’s windows to the storms and therefore is also filled with snow, but will provide a solid place to fortify and grow into a stronghold for the zealots of the Gear Grinders on their violent crusade against technology and the use of steam power.



Warbreaker - Straw Puppet  // Fantasy / Environment / Mood / Storytelling

Inspired by the first scene of Brandon Sanderson’s fantasy novel Warbreaker.

I wanted to visualize some of the magic effects, described in the book, like the depletive extraction of colors as an agent of animation of dead things together with life force in the form of breath.



Mistborn - The Final Empire - Opening Scene // Fantasy / Environment / Mood

Inspired by the great fantasy novels of the “Mistborn” series by Brandon Sanderson, I wanted to give it a shot and visualise a bit of this fascinating world and chose the first scene of the first book “The Final Empire”.

If you have time, try these awesome books (or almost anything written by Sanderson), for the author brings some fresh wind into a genre, which is overloaded with rather uninspired stories in boilerplate fantasy worlds. Especially his extremely well thought through magic systems and world structure give the fantastic an almost palpable level of immersion, so really great stuff. 

Scroll down for a little process breakdown.



Shroud - Arrival // Historical Middle Ages / Europe / Northern Italy / Black Death / Environment

Concept for a historical scene set in the middle ages during the time of the plague in northern Italy. A traveling physician arrives at sunrise in a small market town near a nobleman’s castle, which is severely haunted by the terrible disease.

The gif below the artwork details the creative process.



Shroud - The Doctor // Historical Middle Ages / Europe / Northern Italy / Traveling Physician / Character

Character concept for the traveling physician, his personal equipment and defensive weapons for dangerous journeys (versed in their use due to time served in the military).

The gif below the artwork details the creative process.



Scout Mech // Sci-fi / Vehicle / Mech / Scout Mech / Reconnaissance

Concept for a reconnaissance mech for an interstellar mercenary unit from multiple angles with unit insignia and tactical decals - first in schematic view, and below in an action shot.


Galata Hop - Character // Sci-fi / Cyberpunk / Istanbul / Character

Character concept for a little side project, created around the idea of isolating near future Istanbul due to political controversy with the European Union. A scenario similar to post world war 2 Berlin arises, with huge numbers of refugees crammed into the old city, creating whole quarters of vertically added slums on top of existing buildings.

A character design was needed to make use of the increased verticality of the setting, so I created Çekrige (Turkish for grasshopper), a cybernetically enhanced war-veteran, who works as a very agile courier of sorts by utilizing his specialized legs and a drone.

Below the final concept, a gif gives a little glimpse of the process steps involved.



Galata Chase // Sci-fi / Cyberpunk / Istanbul / Environment 

Action shot of the character Çekrige in a typical adrenaline loaded chase through the district of Galata, right before catching the cable of his drone and escaping to the chaos of the upper levels slums. 


Steampunk Asian Drive In // Fantasy - Scifi / Exterior / Transportation / Steamboats / Restaurant

Concept for a slightly fantastic steampunk scenario in which most transportation revolves around steamship traffic and therefore cities are often riddled with small to medium sized canals. Along those lots of restaurant specialize in the fast serving model of a drive-through for boats. Semaphores and other technical communications devices are used to collect orders and provide the sailors with their food in time for the pickup.


Training in Style // Fantasy / Interior 

This piece was part of a concept for the liar of a dragon hunter crew, established in the ruins of an abandoned demon cultist sanctuary. The depicted room is used as a improvised gym for strengthening workouts between assignments.