Imaginarium of Technology

The Imaginarium of Technology (iMT) is a collaboration forum for engineers and artists, to create future oriented designs together to provide visualization for technical concepts integrated with solid scientific principles. The iMT was founded by researchers of the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (

All art work in this section has been created entirely by myself.

XPrize AI Challenge 2017

In the XPrize AI Challenge teams of engineers and artists came together to visualize different ideas of how artificial intelligence could enrich our lives in the future and bring benefits to human society.

This concept was for how AI could utilize otherwise hard to harness vertical city spaces to do farming and battle world hunger. It came in at the 3rd place in the challenge overall.

The drawing style was chosen by my supervisor from MIT and Imaginarium of Technology, but still made use of 3D as a basis.

Imaginarium of Technology 2016

Drone design done for the Imaginarium of Technology 04.

The task was the creation of a small drone to fulfill useful tasks for it's owner and become a constant companion (much as current cell phones are right now), based on future increased capacity of power cells and power consumption management (Forever alive technology). The concept was expanded later on to include possible interaction between the drones and other technological 'beings', based on cloud based AI and machine learning algorithms.

Oradrone - Dental Hygiene Concept

This concept was an part of an exploratory discussion for future market innovations for a major dental hygiene company, involving the Imaginarium of Technology.

The Internet of Things, cloud computing, 3D-scanning and drone technology were key inspirational topics.

Imaginarium of Technology 2017

Design solutions for near future arial transportation for the Imaginarium of Technology 05.

The task was to design the interior space of a airborne vehicle for group transportation as well as a landing pad with guidance system implementation.