HYPOTHERMIA - Props & Vehicles


Alternate history video game scenario. In 1900, industrial age Europe is hit by an ice age. Five years into the event, this concept project focuses on the city of London and sheds light on the living conditions, adaptation strategies and struggles of the different survivor groups.

The Vehicles & Props of HYPOTHERMIA

With the advent of the steam engine as perhaps most notable feature of this  time period, there is not only a useful means of transportation for the survivors of the fictional ice age, but also an unusual and quirky design element to be introduced to the scenario. With steam powered vehicles becoming mobile little fortresses of life saving warmth as well as defensive and offensive power for the struggle of the factions, these are an important part of the world of Hypothermia.

All artwork in this section has been created entirely by myself.

Precinct Ripper Town – Steam Tractor and Mono Wheel // Alternate History / London / Ice Age / Vehicle / Tractor / Mono Wheel

The best protection in town for a one-man vehicle is certainly the former copper gang’s refit of the steam mono wheel, complete with spiked tire for grip on ice, as well as stabilizing skids against tipping, since the life saving little cabin can seriously impair vision and balancing motions of the driver.

Also a force to recon is the armored steam tractor, which is used not only to drag huge loads of plundered goods to the HQ in White Hall, but also as battering ram, tank and snow plow.

Precinct Ripper Town – Armored Steam Carriage // Alternate History / London / Ice Age / Vehicle / Steam Carriage

When the ruthless thugs from Precinct Ripper Town really have it in for you, they man their heavily armored, comfortably heated and terrifyingly well armed steam carriage. The roof mounted, fully rotate-able Gatling guns rip everything to pieces that dares to oppose them or (if the bullet production went well)  was just dumb enough to show it’s nose.

Railway Refuge – Street Fortress Tram and Steam Messenger Bike // Alternate History / London / Ice Age / Vehicle / Tram / Bike

Moving around in an ongoing ice age tends to freeze you to death and to roam among desperate survivors tends to get you shot or at the very least beaten and robbed. Both problems can be solved by either moving around in your own heated fortress or by clinging tightly to the boiler of an agile means of transportation.

The crafty mechanics of the Railway Refuge alliance made these happen. They outfitted an ordinary tram car with a ton of armor, weapons and tractor wheels to go off the rails. For fast scouting or messenger assignments, the comparatively light steam messenger bike also does very well, thanks to it’s maneuverability and speed.

The Flying Frenchman // Alternate History / London / Ice Age / Vehicle / Steam Bus / Sniper’s Nest

As one of the few rather lonesome survivors, who is doing well in frozen over London, Raphael Barrineau has a fearsome reputation as sharp shooter and hunter, so wherever he sets up shop with his customized steam bus and ascends with his trademark tethered balloons to luring position in above the rooftops, people stay away - also to avoid being beaten to a pulp by his brute servant George.

Gear Grinder Fanatics – Heated Oxen Sled // Alternate History / London / Ice Age / Vehicle / Sled / Non-Steam Powered

When you despise all modern means of load moving machinery and it is too cold outside to prevent draft animals from freezing to death, you have a problem.

So did the Gear Grinders, but they figured it out by basically mounting a protective tent for a pair of oxen onto a sled and installed one of St.Paul’s massive confessionals as driver cabin and as housing for a heating oven.

Precinct Ripper Town – Equipment // Alternate History / London / Ice Age / Equipment / Heat Suit / Guns

Exemplary pieces from the equipment park of Ripper Street Precinct are self tinkered, heated survival suits, complete with telegraph units and wire spool to spread their net of eyes and ears and call in reinforcements in record time.

Together with their access to heavy weaponry like Gatling guns, acquired from military stockpile these thugs in uniforms are over proportionally dangerous opponents compared to their numbers.

Gear Grinder Fanatics – Cavalry Gear // Alternate History / London / Ice Age / Equipment / Cold Protection / Weapons

When the Gear Grinders persuaded the remains of the royal cavalry to join their cause, they gained an unparalleled force in terms of mobility, since the horses were so well controlled, that they could even tolerate to being wrapped in layers of protective padding and therefore from freezing to death.To improve things for horse and rider, the smiths of the cult crafted small coal ovens, which could be worn by the riders and provide heating for the icy air they had to breathe and also generate warm air underneath the protective clothing.

As with the rest of the cavalry equipment, it is functional but heavy and only moderately reliable, besides the melee weapons.

Surviving Citizens Gear // Alternate History / London / Equipment / Civilian Survivor

Equipment hand tinkered by Anglo-Egyptian War veteran Howard Campbell to make up for his impairment as much as possible and thereby helping him to sustain his family. His crutch is tool storage, map holder, ice pick, extendable gun rest for aiming and of course padded support for walking. He also outfitted his trusty Winchester rifle with a lot of handy customizations and crafted a hunter glove to preserve the finger dexterity to handle the weapon as well as not to freeze off his trigger finger even during extended periods of immobile waiting.