GRIMM ODDS - Vehicles

... About GRIMM ODDS

  • Unreal 4 first person survival game evolving around Phillip Grimm, the chief engineer of mankind's first interstellar exploration mission. Crash-landed under mysterious circumstances on an alien planet, Phillip has to survive, piece together the events and find a way to get back home.

  • The project unfortunately was cancelled out of non-economic reasons by a private investor at a completion level of 75%, even though a major  publishing contract offer existed.

The Vehicles of GRIMM ODDS

For a  Robinson-in-space story you need spaceships and if you want to show convincing wreckage of those, you have to know how they were structured in the first place in functional condition. That is why ‘make it believable’ was one of the main goals for all the tech design in GRIMM ODDS.

Esperance // Technology / Space Ship / Expedition Vessel / Exterior

Design for a manned interstellar exploratory vessel, sent on a 6 year flight to Alpha Centauri


Esperance (Aft) 

// Technology / Space Ship / Expedition Vessel / Exterior Aft & Schematics

Drive section of manned interstellar exploratory vessel


Habitat Ring Wreckage // Technology / Space Ship / Wreckage / Habitat Ring

Design of crash landed wreckage part of expedition ship as source for salvaged resources 


Shuttle Landed // Technology / Space Ship / Inter System Shuttle / Exterior / Landed

Exterior view of landed shuttle ready for loading operations


Shuttle Turn // Technology / Space Ship / Inter System Shuttle / Exterior / Maneuvering

Exterior of a shuttle craft maneuvering, depicting mechanism and functionality


Shuttle (Aft) // Technology / Space Ship / Inter System Shuttle / Exterior Aft

Aft exterior view of shuttle craft with main drive section


Shuttle Crash Site // Environment / Space Ship / Wreckage 

Environment design for the player’s base camp site inside a wrecked shuttle - prior to any crafted cleanups


Auxiliary Robot // Technology / Mission Equipment / Support Robot

Design for a flight-capable support robot, doubling as transportation vehicle