GRIMM ODDS - Props & Creatures

... About GRIMM ODDS

  • Unreal 4 first person survival game evolving around Phillip Grimm, the chief engineer of mankind's first interstellar exploration mission. Crash-landed under mysterious circumstances on an alien planet, Phillip has to survive, piece together the events and find a way to get back home.

  • Unfortunately the project and the studio were shut down for non-rational and not project related reasons only 3 month prior to the target launch date and despite an existing offer from a AAA publisher.  

All artwork in this section has been created entirely by myself.

The Props & Creatures of GRIMM ODDS

When an expedition like mankind's first manned multi-year space exploration mission goes south, there is a lot of stuff hurled around. We found that a mix of intact, repaired, improvised or completely handcrafted equipment made a nice mix for the game and since it had been among my tasks to design the technology style, the defining key equipment pieces of the first categories fell into my resort. The principle of ‘make it believable’ applied to those items as well as to the alien fauna, which was the main active opposition to the player.

EPI Cuff // Technology / Mission Equipment / Communication / Personal Terminal

Design for the multi purpose communication and computation terminal of the expedition crew. The player would also use this device as menu and UI platform, fully immersed in the world.

EPI Cuff UI & Function // Technology / Mission Equipment / Personal Terminal / UI & Functionality

Functionality and UI design for the player’s personal terminal, providing all the standard in-game functions, like log, database, map, communication, guidance and health monitoring.

Cryo Stasis Chamber // Technology / Medical / Cryogenics / Stasis Chamber

Design for a mobile medical hibernation chamber for interstellar flights and as starting point for the player’s adventure.

Flintlock Rifle // Technology / Improvised Equipment / Flintlock Rifle

Firearm improvised from parts of spaceship wreckage with the basic functionality of a front loading musket.

Hypo Spray // Technology / Mission Equipment / Medical Injector

Design for a hypodermic injection gun for universal compound delivery into the bloodstream.

Space Suit // Technology / Mission Equipment / EVA Suit

Design for a multi purpose vacuum suit, complete with integrated exoskeleton for moderate motoric support and gas thruster backpack for EVA activities.

Nomads // Creatures / Alien Fauna / Terraforming / Atmosphere Control

Concept for alien bio-engineered creatures, functioning as atmosphere processors, which stoically and untiringly roam the planet surface.

Gore-Head Gator // Creature / Multi Climate / Carnivore / Reptile

Creature design for a ferocious, water-dwelling alien predator with a very unique way of movement.