GRIMM ODDS - Environments

... About GRIMM ODDS

  • Unreal 4 first person survival game evolving around Phillip Grimm, the chief engineer of mankind's first interstellar exploration mission. Crash-landed under mysterious circumstances on an alien planet, Phillip has to survive, piece together the events and find a way to get back home.

  • The project unfortunately was cancelled out of non-economic reasons by a private investor at a completion level of 75%, even though a major  publishing contract offer existed.

The Environments of GRIMM ODDS

Concepts for  the climatically and structurally diverse landscapes of GRIMM ODDS’ alien planet were created with the goal of maximal support for the rest of the art department, providing as many design hints for assets, terrain, lighting and game play as possible.

Open Swamp Land // Landscape / Swamp Zone / Open Planes


Lakeside Mountains // Landscape / Temperate Zone / Geologic Formations


River Valley // Landscape / Temperate Zone / Mood & Structure


Snowy Peaks // Landscape / Temperate Zone / High Altitude


Cliff Maze Boat Ride // Landscape / Desert Zone / Coastal Cliffs

Environment design for a coastal region, inspiring the use of a boat as game play mechanic


Hot Grove // Landscape / Swamp Zone / Mangrove Forest