This is a project I have been working on while having taken up a teacher’s position at FZD in Singapore.

For quite some time I wanted to do something in a fantasy setting with a real feel to it. The second goal I had was to show things, which I rarely saw in fantasy concept art, for example, because they are not epic-heroic-flashy scenes dealing with more mundane but still interesting situations. That should result in designs, which could be usable and necessary in games like i.e. The Witcher, but focussed on actual production value, rather than just high concept and overly epic storytelling.

I decided to make this project about a veteran warrior who got into melee tournament fights just because he is good at it and thus it is a relatively easy earned living, while he can travel the world and see a lot of places. 

All art work in this section has been created entirely by myself.

Traveling Bath House // Fantasy / Environment / Design / Mood


Tournament 01 // Fantasy / Environment / Design / Mood


Tournament  02 // Fantasy / Environment / Design / Mood


Magistrate // Fantasy / Environment / Design / Mood