Another new album page is called for ... Nope, ArtStation did not get arount to making that upload an sorting process a bit more user friendly.... The topic (as before) will be studies, sketches, speedpaintings or studies in my pursuit to grow as an artist. Enjoy - If you can ;)

The Siege: Knight Armor Designs 01 (120min)   // Fantasy / Medieval / Props / Design

I know it has been a while - some crazy busy weeks that have been! - but I still have another set of knight armor design sketches that I wanted to share. These really came with a nice antiquated and weird look :). I just love that stuff.


The Siege: Knight Armor Designs 02 (120min)  // Fantasy / Medieval / Props / Design

Some more design sketches for a knight’s plate armor. Man that puts me back in time when I was building all sorts of armor myself :)


The Siege: Knight Armor Designs 01 (180min)   // Fantasy / Medieval / Props / Design

For the bigger project context I made an excursion into armor design with the longer term plan to reuse these designs in the military of at least one faction of this project. After some research and general background development of the faction in question (including a bit of history, culture, heraldics, etc.) it was off to the sketches! So here’s a couple of ideas of how a knight’s armor could look like, aimed at integrating wing and feather shapes into the design since i chose the kingfisher as the heraldic animal of the ruler of that kingdom. I also wanted to purposefully make these armors look (and function) a bit outdated like with the rather clunky mitten gloves etc.


The Siege: Earl’s Keep - Cooking Fire Variation 03 // Fantasy / Medieval / Props / Design (250 min)

One more design variation for an army camp cooking fire of medieval/fantasy soldiers. As before a rough 3D basis created a value pass in Blender’s EEVEE and served as starting point not only for a line-drawing, but also for the under-painting.


The Siege: Earl’s Keep - Cooking Fire Variation 02 // Fantasy / Medieval / Props / Design (290 min)

Another design variation for a soldiers’ cooking fire in the cramped army encampment inside Castle Wacenwic’s keep. Again I threw together some parts of the existing scene, rendered a rough pass in EEVEE and created an underpainting with those values for my line-drawing. Funny little design, I really enjoyed the process and the subject. 


The Siege: Earl’s Keep - Cooking Fire Variation 01  // Fantasy / Medieval / Props / Design (240 min)

A little spin-off design variation of my interior scene of Castle Wacenwic’s keep. I grabbed a couple of 3D assets and composed this prop design drawings for one of the soldiers’ cooking fires inside the hall of the keep. Took it for a quick ride in EEVEE and painted under with the values.