As I'm getting tired of the annoying process of dragging new images on a page to the top of a growing album page, I am starting a new page here, again hopfully with photo studies, digital plein air, sketches, speedpaintings or studies of inspiring piece of art that make me learn a thing or two. Enjoy - If you can ;)

Jungle in the Fishmarket // Technique / Lighting / Environment (90-120 min) 

Since things went surprisingly smooth so far I decided to do one more in a row for my spacetime chaos setting :). In this scene a bubble of rain forest (yes including the rain) has appeared in a warehouse of the Tokyo fish market, beckoning to be investigated...


Winter Forest in Shibuya // Technique / Lighting / Environment (90-120 min) 

More space-time-rifts show up to provide me with practice opportunity ;) 

This one drops a portion of sunset winter forest landscape into the nightly Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo and a team of elite soldiers ventures in for some first hand reconnaissance. 


Desert Temple in Chicago (90-120 min) 

After my last post one might think that this is another attempt at completely random ‘on-the-spot-design’ but actually there is more of a system behind this weirdness :). While doing other work as part of my daily main tasks I felt the tendency to shoehorn more lights into a piece than being necessary and/or using too many special effects to separate things and communicate parts of a design. Therefore I started this small new project in which I want to practice the integration from weird lights into one environment. The premise of these pieces will be: In areas around the world (all distinctively lit and styled), small ‘space-time-hickup-bubbles’ will form, phasing in a small section of a vastly different looking environment from a far removed part of the globe. In each setting there will be either operators from an elite unit (D-SWAT) exploring the location or scientists trying to wrap their heads around what has happened.

Why does it happen? No idea yet, but it should produce enough weird visuals and lighting constellations to pose a challenge integrating the two environments without painting energy fields or glowing effects or anything weird like that.

With that being said, the first scene shows a part of a desert temple ruin, materialized in a rainy back ally in a major North American city like Chicago. I have to say that was some serious fun to paint :D.


Mountain Portal // Environment / Painting / Technique

Mountain Portal (90-120 min) 

Based on an ancient piece of wisdom from the movie Hunt for Red October ('Russians don't take a dump without a plan!') I am sometimes a bit suspicious if I have Russian ancestry somewhere near the roots of my family tree. I simply hate sitting down and opening a new Photoshop file without a clue what I am about to paint :[]. Most of the time I feel I’m just fighting the impulse to default to the most generic subject matters and therefore waste a perfectly good practice session.

Well I guess I just have to do it more often. Who knows what might result from the exercise after a couple of dozens of these…

To sum it up, I had no idea what this was about and it evolved into some guy that hikes up a mystical mountain to find an open mystical portal there. Where does it lead? Hm… perhaps the next ‘Blue Sky’ painting will tell! ;)


Farm Village 01 // Technique / Painting / Environment (90-120 min) 

In an idyllic fantasy farm village, the peasants are preparing a haul of their various crops to the capital.


The Capital01 // Technique / Painting / Environment (90-120 min) 

Fast little paint sketch for an environment design/establishing shot, showing the slightly depressing capital of a fantasy kingdom. 


Callout: Favela Junk Washbasin // Design / Drawing / Prop

Callout: Favela Junk Washbasin (180-240 min)

And one more junkyard prop from Gael’s bedroom: The washbasin. Made from an old, cut open jerry can with some plastic hoses instead of pipes and also supplying water and drainage for the showerstall from my last post. Needless to say that the green glue foam is also in the wall again and of course that this was extreme fun as well ;) .


Favela Junk Shower // Design / Drawing / Prop

I got some more prop design based on Gael’s bedroom, this time it’s the shower stall that has been cobbled together with some 3D printed piping, hoses, an old water heater and an inflatable kiddy pool :D. This improvised stuff is so much fun!

Oh yeah and the green stuff in the wall is of course not snot or slime or anything, but some plastic based glue foam that is used in these areas here and there as a substitute for regular mortar if the situation demands it ;)


Wardrobe // Design / Drawing / Prop 

(180-240 min) Every now and then you have to shake up things a little. It also happened, that I needed some additional props extracted from a previous environment design, Gael’s bedroom. So I took the rough block-out model of the two welded oil drums that have been converted into a wardrobe and drew the line-work for this design and then took another one of my usual personal development sessions to bring in the values and the shading.

As always, constructive criticism is very welcome :)


The War Room 01 // Technique / Painting / Environment

With the insights and refreshers gathered from my recent lighting studies, I went ahead and did a paint sketch for a castle’s war room after sunset. Without the studies I would have probably stuck too much to the realistic light values of candles (which are very poor), therefore would have produced a way too dark set and fiddled too much with the distributed individual light sources, making the room too busy by far.


Harry Potter 01 // Study / Lighting / Color (90-120 min) 

Since it felt so fruitful the last time around, I wanted to hammer the message about the low light indoor environments home a bit more and took a screen-shot from one of the earlier Harry Potter movies to have a similar situation. Of course the main takeaway is once more that you HAVE TO cheat (like in the movies) with this sort of scenario, since candles, torches etc. are just an overall too crappy light source for a proper set illumination.


Kingdom of Heaven 01 // Study / Lighting / Color  

(90-120 min)  Lighting study for low intensity fire lit scenes from Kingdom of Heaven.


Study: John Park 08 // Color / Brushwork / Simplification (90-120 min)

Once again I perused the net for work by John Park and found one that I immediately wanted to study. Such a simple but effective palette, but the idea of applying the accent color only to the background and thereby popping out the subject matter in it’s drab grey is just a genius move and works so well. That’s what I love about this: You never stop learning...

As always, constructive criticism is very welcome :)


Gael 04 // Technique / Painting / Character (90-120 min)

...And another iteration on Gael :). I feel things are improving overall but I feel I have to go for some more unique clothing/hair style next time.


Study: Martin Deschambault 03 // Study / Brushwork / Abstraction (90-120 min)

This is a piece, that I had on my to-do list for a while now.

As usual Martin Deschambault delivered great mood, brush economy and a captivating design halfway between organic and geometric. Just great work.


Technique: Tadeu 02 // Technique / Painting / Character (90-120 min)

It’s about time I try another variation for the look of junkbot supporting character Tadeu. I particularly like the hair style on this (between cornrows and Kabuto :D) and the loud shirt.But there is still more to explore of course... 

As always, constructive criticism is very welcome :)


Technique: Black Sunrise Runner // Adaption / Brushwork / Abstraction (90-120 min)

Based on the black muscle car from before, I wanted to take materials and mood and do a quick and dirty design with it. My first idea was a motorcycle but then I thought: Why not something that is a little more stupid fun? ;D That is how I landed on what is basically a racing mech kind of a vehicle, so two legs instead of wheels so it could be used like a formula one car, more an extreme technology showcase for advanced gyroscopic/self balancing machines rather than a serious application. In any case it was fun!

As always, constructive criticism is very welcome :)


Study: Black Sunrise  // Study / Photo / Abstraction (90-120 min)

I said  a while ago, that I wanted to paint a photo study of a car that is not a wreck in the woods/the desert and now it finally happened :D I liked the warm background and the (mostly) cool reflexions on the body.

As always, constructive criticism is very welcome :)

As always I am always thankful for some constructive criticism if some digital passerby should have a good comment ;)


Study: Craig Mullins 01 // Study / Brushwork / Abstraction (90-120 min)

I think at one point or another it was inevitable, so let’s get it over with :D. No seriously: I found this painting by the master himself and loved the whole palette at once. Amazing blend of tones and again that incredibly loose, yet defining brush stroke… Just Wow! Well, he’s not Craig Mullins for nothing.

As always, constructive criticism is very welcome :)


Study: John Park Study 07 // Study / Brushwork / Abstraction (90-120 min)

Another study of one of John Park’s awesome lose character paintings. N’uff said...

As always, constructive criticism is very welcome :)


Technique: Tadeu 01 // Technique / Painting / Character (90-120 min)

Trying to loosen up my brushwork a bit and get better at some human figures. This one I don’t take it out on Gael though ;P, but on her best friend Tadeu, who is in the junkbot game as well. 

As always, constructive criticism is very welcome :)


Study: John Park 06 // Study / Brushwork / Abstraction (90-120 min)

Mixing it up again with another John Park study. That brush economy… I have to stop thinking so much about details while painting, otherwise I will never get even near to that awesome looseness...


Technique: Gael 03 // Technique / Painting / Character (90-120 min)

I felt like trying another attempt at a different character variation for Gael the little robot mechanic. So a different set of hair, clothes, prosthesis etc. I’m getting a bit more comfortable with the values, I think.

As always, constructive criticism is very welcome :)


Study: John Park Study 03 // Study / Brushwork / Abstraction (90-120 min)

I returned once again to the masterful brushstrokes of John Park, as always trying to sponge of a tiny bit of his genius...

As always, constructive criticism is very welcome :)


Study: Snowstorm Carrier // Study / Brushwork / Abstraction  (90-120 min)

And another photo study… Found this great image of a moored aircraft carrier in winter and gave it a go. Man I would love to see one of these mountains of metal in real life!

As always, constructive criticism is very welcome :)